98% Success Rate 

*That’s an unprecedented success rate in dismissing or reducing tickets for CDL Drivers. With 30 years in the industry, we’re doing something right.*

100% Client Citations Challenged

"CDL Legal Defense Protection"

As a carrier, you have little control over receiving points, but with CDL LEGAL DEFENSE We made it easier than ever to take control of your escores.
Built on simplicity, you turn it on and we keep you rolling.

Carrier Benefits of CDL Legal Defense

As a carrier, you have little control over receiving points. Every time a driver gets points, the carrier score is impacted as well. The higher the score, the more likely your business is going to be impacted.
CDL Legal Defense provides you with a Personal Fleet Assistant and everything you need to enroll and protect your drivers CSA and stop the potential impact to your business. Our knowledge and Customer Service are at your disposal, taking the work off your desk.
Monthly reporting highlights tickets and outcomes sent to you from your personal fleet assistant. This is the future of CSA protection.

What do high CSA Scores Mean for you?

  • Labeled a high risk carrier
  • Difficulty securing freight at favorable rates
  • Insurance costs increase
  • FMSCA audits

How can  CDL Legal Defense help with CSA scores?

  • CDL Legal Defense challenges 100% of citations for our members
  • Reward program for safe driving
  • Citation management tools

'CDL Legal Defense' Ticket Reduction Process

  • Challenges tickets in court, and get citations reduced or dismissed
  • Submit DataQ on inspections
  • Depending on the outcomes, points are revised or completely removed

What are your biggest challenges concerning your safety issues within your company and what do you think that is costing?

Regarding the size of your company and the issues you are facing this is how we have immediately resolved these issues with companies like yours: 

-Complete on coverage for fleets and their drivers 
-Keeping CSA & CDL scores at a minimum 
-Maintain your fleets higherability 
-Better your insurance premiums 
-Increase driver retention 
-Most importantly we keep your freight moving!! 

All of this is at no cost to the Carrier!!

Our department allows us to go into DOT facilities and different truck lines to help them with discerning DOT problems and then assisting them to a find solutions to DOT regulatory issues such as:

-CSA score and DOT audit prevention
-Reduction in mandatory inspections 
-Many other benefits to both company and driver

These are all included for an affordable per driver, payroll deduction which will start immediately. I will email you a driver form to fill out for all drivers participating with this program. This is at no risk to the Carrier as drivers can be added and removed accordingly. Please return the driver form as quickly as possible to ensure immediate coverage.


Inspection-generated points go straight onto your company’s seven BASICS that comprise your CSA SMS score. The Attorneys of "CDL Legal Defense"  can help minimize the detrimental effects of these inevitable violations.

Our experienced staff is fully knowledgeable of State and Federal laws concerning compliance issues. We understand the ramifications of varied convictions upon maintaining satisfactory DOT and CSA SMS ratings.

Your company can eliminate the predisposition of guilt in civil liability cases by winning the underlying traffic charge in an accident. "CDL Legal Defense" client companies have literally saved millions of settlement dollars.

"CDL Legal Defense" attorneys work with company Safety Departments, ensuring prompt and accurate notification of roadside events, thereby enabling proactive steps to remedy problems before they become real liabilities.

Unlike Lawyers utilized by insurance/referral plans, "CDL Legal Defense" attorneys have a direct relationship with your company, guaranteeing that our law firm could never be involved in any legal action against you.

The Attorneys of  "CDL Legal Defense"  defend their client companies against citations written to the company. This puts a national transportation law firm at your beck and call. 

How much does it cost your company to replace a driver?  With "CDL Legal Defense" assistance it enables your company to keep just one good driver that you might have lost to ticket accrual or unnecessary accident conviction!

A distinct advantage over competitors without the most successful legal assistance for their drivers. "CDL Legal Defense" shows that a company is interested in helping a driver protect his CDL and succeed.

Helps control rising premiums by assisting drivers in maintaining clean driving records, resulting in lower insurance costs to the company.