Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

DOT Compliance

By law all carriers are required to be audited within the first 18 months of getting their own authority.

Many states are conducting the sudits in the first month of operation.

We will help make sure you will pass your audit.


Everthing you need to run legally

Including: IFTA, UCR, IRp, and more.

Start up Bundles:

Lowest price anywhere

Includes: MC#DOT, UCR and more.


Competitive rates for a tailored policy that meets your needs.

With deferred down payment program, factoring clients can deferred up to 50% of the down payment


Same day cash for invoices

Low flat rates, no reserves 

Advances and no set up fees

Want to get paid today?

Same day pay

Recourse factoring as low as 1%

Low rates for flat and non recourse

Fuel Cards

EFS and Comdata Savings

Fuel Advances 40-50% rates available

Dispatch Services

Dispatchers will find the high-paying loads for you. 
Reefers, Dry Vans, Step Reefers and Flatbeds

If you sign up as a client of our strategic partner factoring service you will receive your first 5 loads fee free for loads up to $2000 per load

Savings that pays for your CDL LegalDefense Membership